HealthifiedMichelle: Workout 19/12/2013

Today’s workout was super intense! Burning around 1000 calories, I can safely say I am tired. •35 minutes treadmill (5.09km) -5min@6.8km/h, 5min@9.5km/h, 5min@10km/h, 5min@10.5km/h, 3min recovery@6.5km/h, 2.5min@11km/h, 2.5min@11.5km/h, 2min@12km/h, 5 min cool down•Stretching •5min treadmill @10.7km/h•5min elliptical (resistance level 3, incline level 3, high speed) •Boxing: -10 single punches: forwards, sideways, and upwards -10 double punches: forwards, sideways, […]

Healthified Granola

For the longest time ever, granola has been a huge weakness for me. But you can’t blame me! It is simply delicious! However, once you take a look at the nutrition label, and see the amount of sugar and fat inside it, you just have to put it back on the shelf. So after searching […]

HealthifiedMichelle: Breakfast 17/12/2013

Today’s breakfast was very simple. I actually ate it before my workout to give me some energy. I ate two ham&cheese sandwiches with sweet chipotle sauce(specially imported from Mexico!). As I’ve said many times before, using a sandwich maker to make your sandwiches is a million times better than just a plain sandwich. Why? I […]

HealthifiedMichelle: Workout 17/12/2013

Last week, I was in Bali with my family and it was really nice there. Sadly, I pulled a muscle and wasn’t able to exercise and now I’m paying the consequences. Today’s workout was pretty hard, despite it being similar to previous workouts, but I don’t think I did so bad.  •20 minutes on treadmill […]