The Cabbage Soup Diet: Workout Day 2

I’ll be honest – before my personal training classes I had 1/2 a whole wheat tortilla.

But I wouldn’t call this cheating on my diet, especially because this half of a tortilla kept me from passing out today. If you’re ever thinking about going on a diet that cuts your caloric intake by, well, a lot, please please PLEASE do not do intense exercise while you’re on the diet! Low-intensity work outs are okay, but do not do high-impact cardio or even medium because you will feel faint and you will feel terrible. The half of the tortilla helped me finish my 20-minute cardio warm up, but after that, while I was stretching, I felt really faint and my vision started blurring. I could barely see anything and it didn’t help that the A.C. wasn’t working the first half an hour of my work out. But, apparently, blurred vision during a work out can be caused by low blood pressure, dehydration and not breathing properly.

It was pretty scary, so we decided to take things slow after that. I did a couple of mat exercises.

•3 sets of: 1 box push up, grab 1kg weight w/ right hand, lift to the side, put weight down, another box push up, grab weight with other hand, and lift to the side (repeat 6 times each arm.
•3 sets of: 30 sec donkey-kicks each leg
•3 sets of: 20 Russian twists with 1kg weights

Then, some stretching (my favorite part!)

Altogether, I burned around 600 calories in around 70 minutes, which means I need to eat a ton of veggies today to make up for that.

Have a nice day!


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