The Cabbage Soup Diet: Breakfast Day 3

Good morning ♡

Breakfast this morning was a red delicious apple, a granny smith apple, a big persimmon, and 2 small Korean Jeju mandarines.

Notice anything different about the pictures? Yes, it has no effect.

Anything else? The quality! My dad gave me a macro lens that I can use when taking pictures of food! (The perks of having a dad who is a photographer, right?)

Anyway, it’s fruit and veggie day today again and I’m probably going to end up eating more fruit than vegetables, but oh well. Anyway, I really love the Korean Jeju mandarines because they are small and whenever you feel hungry you can easily peel them and eat them and your cravings will be satisfied. Even when this diet is over, I will continue to buy the boxes because for you can buy this whole box for only S$3.75.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to post up the pictures faster. I’m simply not going to add the effect, and I think it looks better… What do you think?

Let’s admire some more the details that macro lenses provide for us:


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