The Cabbage Soup Diet: Lunch Day 2

Lunch was a bowl of salad and some soup. Since I went to the gym, I needed to add some sort of protein to my day, cabbage soup diet or not. So for lunch, I added some really simple, chopped up chicken breast to my salad. As a “dressing”, I used lemon. 


Here’s the thing about salads and salad dressings: Most of the time, the salad is really healthy. It’s the salad dressing that really kills ya. They are usually packed with fat and sugar, that you can get up to 80% of your 500+ calorie salad from there! That’s why, when looking for salad dressings, try to go for fat-free and sugar-free. Or, just go with lemons! They add enough flavor for you to enjoy the bland taste of veggies without adding so many calories to your meal. 


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