Modified Cabbage Soup Diet: Workout Day 4

Woke up today feeling super motivated and I believe that having the right attitude and staying motivated is key to doing well in a workout. I mean, of course, if you aren’t motivated you probably wouldn’t be doing the workout anyway, but if you are, your attitude is completely different. 

You push yourself to reach new goals and you give it your best. 

My workout today was quite long but moderate in intensity. 

•25 minute warm-up on elliptical (level 8 incline, level 4 intensity)
•1 km on the treadmill (reaching a new personal best of 5:57 seconds)
•5 minutes on the bike, steady pace (2.01km)
•3 sets of small circuit: 1 minute jump rope, 12 box push ups
•3 sets of small circuit 2: 14 tricep dips, lying arm extension with 3 lb dumbbell
•3 planks: 1min31sec, 1min18sec, 1min7sec (for not having done a plank for over 2 months, I'm quite proud)

I mostly feel “worked out” on my shoulders and triceps, so this is a good workout if you’re working on upper-body strength. 

Have a nice day ♡


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