HealthifiedMichelle: Workout 17/12/2013

Last week, I was in Bali with my family and it was really nice there. Sadly, I pulled a muscle and wasn’t able to exercise and now I’m paying the consequences. Today’s workout was pretty hard, despite it being similar to previous workouts, but I don’t think I did so bad. 

•20 minutes on treadmill (5min warmup, 5min @ 9.5km/h, 2.5min @10km/h, 2.5min @10.5km/h, 2min @11.5km/h, 3min cooldown) 
•1km run (new record: 5min49seconds. previous record: 5min57seconds) 
•3 sets of small circuit: 30sec mountain climbers, 30 sec pulsing lunges (each leg), 30 sec jump squats 
•3 sets of 14 tricep dips off bench (this one was really hard for me today) 
•10 straight leg reverse crunches
•3 sets of 12 arm extension+crunch using 3lb dumbbell 
•3 planks: 1min32sec, 1min21sec, 1min10sec which is an improvement from my pervious plank times 

So that was my workout of the day. I was quite tired but it was fine because no pain, no gain! 



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