Healthy Vanilla-Strawberry & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

well, happy chinese/lunar new year for those who celebrate this holiday! i didn’t have school yesterday nor today so today feels like a sunday! and every few minutes i literally forget it’s not… so, in the spirit of “i think it’s sunday even when it’s actually not” i decided to make some pancakes for breakfast. […]

Healthy Double Chocolate Mini Cake

it’s a sunday afternoon. what is a sunday funday without chocolate. it’s just a sunday. sundae. i wan’t a sundae. okay i am getting off track. sadly, i don’t have a sundae today, however, i do have a double chocolate mini cake for you! it’s a type of “mug cake” but i made it in […]

Healthy Double Chocolate Pancakes!

that exclamation mark truly deserves its spot in the title. these pancakes were perfectly balanced: moist, fluffy… chocolatey. i made them yesterday morning so i could share with my chocolate buddy because we decided we’ll share anything that is chocolate. i had no idea how they were going to turn out… i was scared they […]

Healthy Fruit & Nut Granola

this is going to be a quick post because i have quite a bit of things to finish ((~: yesterday i made some granola for my family. a huggge batch of it, too. this granola cuts 50calories of oil and sugar that is usually found in regular, store-bought granola*  ingredients (yields around 1.5kg of granola) […]

Healthy Brownies* + Achievement of the Day!

i’m very upset right now. i wrote this entire post, and then i accidentally pressed the home button and it didn’t save. an entire post. sigh. anyway, let’s write this again. before i tell you all about the healthy brownie i made this morning and posted on instagram (@michellesfoodlog), i want to quickly talk about […]