Emotions, Oxygen & Reaching New Goals

You know how people say that whenever you feel down, instead of running to the fridge, you should just run?

(Well, they say to at least exercise, in some way, to get some oxygen to your brain.)

Anyway, this is true and it actually does help.

Exercise triggers the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins, which can help fight depression, anxiety, and just improve overall health and wellbeing. It also helps take your mind off of things that might be making you feel bad and relieve stress. For example, last night I was feeling pretty stressed… Feeling really bad, but after talking to my sister and calming down a little bit, I went to the gym to help me feel better. Best idea I’ve had in a while.

Not only did it calm me down, I even managed to reach some goals that I’ve been trying to reach for a long time.

For starters, I was able to run for an entire 30 minutes on the treadmill (I usually have to slow down in the middle).

I started out at 9km/h, and every minute I went up 0.1km/h. (Ending my run at 12km/h)

In the end, I ran 5.2km in 30 minutes! Definitely a personal best, considering it always takes me around 35 minutes to do 5K. After that, I sped walk because I was pretty tired. Then, at the 45th minute, I ran at 9.5 and increased the speed 0.1km/h for the next 5 minutes, went back to speed walking for 5 minutes, and finally, for the last 5 minutes of my run, I ran at a range of 12km/h-13km/h.

I left the gym feeling so proud of myself and very accomplished.

Now, I know this doesn’t really mean so much and maybe it’s not as “impressive”. But, considering the fact that I’ve hated running for years now (but I do it anyway because it is my preferred cardio), running this distance, at this speed for this amount of time… It’s definitely something I felt (and still feel) proud about.

Probably it helped that I was feeling really upset because it gave me the energy and push I needed to actually push myself.

So next time you feel upset, just get some oxygen to your brain. You will be bound to end up feeling 1000x better than you did before.


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