Getting A Good Night’s Rest Before All Else

so.. i’ve sort of realized that my blog (although not many viewers anyway) is basically just recipes.

but honestly, i want to be able to write here about anything that is not just food. this includes some personal stuff, but hey, i’ll try not to bore you to death (and of course, you don’t have to read if you don’t want to).

and if i start feeling uncomfortable i’ll probably delete this.

today’s topic: getting a good nights rest. 

i honestly haven’t slept very well these past couple of months… maybe it is just me trying to get accustomed to school after having a six month holiday when i first moved to singapore, or maybe it’s the actual stress of school itself. i don’t know. but it’s been hard and consequently, my health has suffered.

i am definitely at least somewhat sleep deprived.

sleep deprivation also leads to many other terrible consequences, among them is even more stress. since lack of sleep can cause you to not think clearly, you’ll eventually get stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle… and it’s time for me to break this cycle.

at the beginning of the school year, i was excited for school; i slept at 9pm every night… woke up at 5:30 to exercise every morning… i did my homework immediately when i got home… after around a month, i started staying up too late, started waking up late and since then i haven’t exercised as much, leading to even more stress (exercise helps relieve stress!!)

so i guess you can see how this is a problem.

also, a couple weeks ago i got a huge blister on my foot and it tore open during a soccer match :( this made me not able to exercise for a few days which really made me lose my “momentum” ( ? ) with my exercise routine, leading to me losing momentum with my eating habits.

ahhh. it’s been really stressing me out.

but now i’m trying so much harder to get back on track, and i know i will. because i won’t give up until i do.

starting with a good night’s rest.

followed by a good work out.

followed by healthy, whole, nutrient-rich foods to fuel me with enough energy to think clearly once again.


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