Updates, Summer, 13.86 km & Lunch

So I really have not posted here in a long while.. So quick updates.

1. My first article for Hola Magazine in China has been published on their website! You can check it out here. Sadly, it’s in Spanish so if you guys want to read it I have the English version here. It’s called: “Why the Healthy Lifestyle?” which explains some science behind how adequate nutrition and exercise can make you a happier person.

2. School started again after a month and a half of holiday. I went to Korea, Mexico and the USA.

Stop 1: Korea. Although it was just a transit, we had 7 hours to be in Korea, so we figured we’d take one of the free transit tours that Incheon Airport had to offer, so we took the 5 hour Seoul tour. We went to a palace, a buddhist temple, and Insadong street – a shopping street in downtown Seoul. There, we had lunch. I enjoyed a nice serving of bulgogi with my dad and my friend, and my sister enjoyed a nice serving of vegetarian bibimbap.



Stop 2: Mexico City. Being from Mexico, I went there to visit my family and friends. Sadly, I was only in the city with them for around one week, but I did get to see them and enjoy a birthday party celebrating my birthday along with 3 other cousins’ birthdays.


me hitting a piñata during my birthday party

We also went to downtown Mexico City to show my friend around. We went to see churches, and we ate amazing food.

IMG_1765 IMG_1770 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

from left to right: Mexican flag in downtown Mexico; me at Avenido Madero; my sister, dad and I in front of the Palace of Fine Art in Mexico. 

Stop 3: Cancún, Mexico. Yes, we got to go to the beach! It was so nice there, and it was an all inclusive 5-star resort. That means endless amount of fruit. Which means endless amount of pineapple. Yum.

IMG_2087 IMG_2064

Just a couple of pictures from the beach. On the left is a picture of the beach near an ancient Maya city called Tulum. On the right is a picture of the beach that we stayed at. 

Stop 4: Oregon. The day after returning from Cancún, we flew up to LA. The next day, we drove up to San Francisco. The next day, we drove up 10 hours to Oregon. There, we went white water rafting (and I fell into a rapid… Fun). We also went hiking to see a waterfall, had a campfire and had so much fun with my family there.


Waterfall in Oregon. 

Stop 5: Los Angeles. After staying in Oregon for a few days, we drove back down to Fairfield (near San Francisco) and I got to attend a nutrition lecture at UC Berkeley. It was so nice and exciting and I will write more on that later. After a couple more days, we drove back down to LA and got to go to Universal Studios, Los Angeles, for the first time! It was really cool and extremely fun.


Jurassic Park ride in Universal Studios, Los Angeles. 

That pretty much concludes my holiday. Of course, we did a lot more, but I don’t want this post to go on forever (which it just might.)

3. My obsession with fruits (especially pineapple) is here to stay (I hope!) After spending time in Mexico and the USA, I had access to so much fresh fruit that was so much cheaper than here in Singapore, meaning I got to eat fruit that I normally wouldn’t. Upon coming back to Singapore, I realized I couldn’t live without my fruit. So, it led to this.


Considering we used to only buy apples and bananas (I’m not kidding), this is a lot of fruit for our household. 

4. Puppies!! When I was in the USA, I got extremely close with my aunt’s dog called Charger. He was a mini male maltese and an adorable little doggy.


Me with Charger inside a hoodie. 

After realizing how a little puppy made me so happy, my sister and I asked our parents if we could adopt a puppy when we got back here. So, after thinking about it for a couple of weeks, we agreed to go through with it and get two puppies. My sister got a toy poodle, and I got a mini girl maltese. I’m picking her up in a week since she just got dewormed and they needed to take care of her for a little while more. I think I’m going to name her Asia.


Little Asia in my hands. She’s so tiny. 

5. This morning, I went walking with my dad at Macritchie Reservoir next to our condo. We ended up doing 13.86km in total alternating between jogging and walking. I gotta say, it was really nice to go through the woods and get some fresh air.


Our walk recorded by the Lorna Jane App. Pretty intense, huh?

6. Last but not least. Lunch. Basmati rice, Sweet & Sour Prawn, and fruit. Yes, there is a lot of pineapple.


Picture of my lunch. Creds to my wonderful mom for preparing the delicious sweet & sour prawn. And creds to my wonderful father for editing my photo. You can check his website out here

I think I’m done writing for the day. I know I haven’t posted in a really long time and I will try to post more often. Hopefully, I will be able to. If you read all of this, wow. I’m impressed. Haha. Anyway!

Hope you’re all having lovely days/nights/mornings wherever you are in the world.



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