Photo on 3-30-15 at 6.14 PM

the other day, i put on a dress, opened photobooth, and i smiled for the camera (or away from it). as i was trying different poses, i couldn’t help but feel conceited.

but then i realized. it’s okay to feel beautiful. there is NOTHING wrong with saying to yourself “oh i actually look quite nice”.

no one likes feeling ugly, but sadly, that’s become the “NORM”. to hate yourself, to be ashamed, to avoid looking into mirrors in fear that the reflection looking back at you is a hideous creature you call “me”.

i don’t think that i’m a particularly “pretty” person. my self esteem is honestly crap, and i hate how i look 98.7% of the time. whenever i look into the mirror, the first thing i look at are all the things i consider “ugly” on myself. i start with my legs, onto my little belly bulge, and then onto the small details of my face that barely anyone would even notice. scrutinizing every single inch of my body. sometimes i actually leave the house not knowing how i actually look like because i was too busy pinching my thighs in front of the mirror. i wish i was lying..

the sad part is… i know i’m not the only one.

but every once in a while, i take out my phone, flip the camera, get some good lighting, and smile. i look at the picture and i think to myself, hmm. not bad. display pic worthy? maybe.


so if you feel beautiful, don’t be afraid to admit it. don’t be afraid to show everyone, because feeling beautiful SHOULD BE WHAT IS NORMAL.

do what makes you feel beautiful.

it doesn’t matter how you may think you look, it’s about feeling it that matters. so whether it is through putting make up or not, shaving your legs or having “no-shave november” in place 12 months a year… as long as you feel beautiful, don’t let it stop you.

go out there and show the world that it is okay to feel beautiful. it is okay to feel confident. it is what should be happening but sadly isn’t.

so my point is, if you feel beautiful and want to take a picture, take it.

don’t be ashamed.

it is normal.

and some more proof that it is normal to take countless selfies? #noshameintheselfie

Screenshot 2015-04-05 17.53.26



  1. This means so much to me. I don’t buy myself clothes, I don’t spoil myself and I look at the mirror and I only see ugliness.. I do the same things you do. All my clothes are from middle school. I never had the strength to actually spoil myself. I work 3 jobs, and haven’t spoiled myself in years– and when I did… It was a pair of pants for work. I feel like I can finally go to the store and buy myself an outfit that makes me feel beautiful.

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