Hey Guys!

I’m Michelle and this blog is about me healthifying delicious recipes to make them guilt-free! I also try to make my own recipes by taking previous knowledge of how recipes turn out and incorporating this knowledge to make my own.

Why I started this blog? Well, it actually all started out with Instagram.

I moved to Singapore back in July of 2013, and when we finally arrived, immediately, I wanted to change my lifestyle. I started logging my food and taking pictures of it. This is what led to the start of my instagram, @michellesfoodlog.

After several months, I wanted to put up my own website, and start my own youtube channel, where I would post videos on how to make recipes, how to do specific exercises, and just general knowledge of health (eating disorders, calorie counting, and other nutrition facts). I’m not a certified personal trainer nor nutritionist, but I have a general knowledge on what is healthy and what is not.

I hope to start up my youtube channel soon, but with school and homework, I’ve been busy. But I’m slowly scripting the episodes and putting everything together.

I hope that with my blog, instagram, and soon-to-be youtube channel, I will be able to help people get healthy and happy. I’m still on my own journey to gain happiness and health, but I know for a fact that I’m a lot better than I was one year ago.


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